Why Area Rug Size Matters:

The thought of buying a rug should not stress you out. 

It should actually excite you! A rug is a much underestimated piece of décor and it can transform any room within an instant. A rug is a cheap and affordable way to reinvent your home, but many people can get it so wrong. The wrong size carpet can ruin a room and make it look tacky or too small. 

Area rug size is something that should be brought under your attention if you don’t realize it yet. 

It is a pretty big deal!

The size of the rug will be determined by what you want to use it for, in other words, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of this rug? If you know what the purpose is, you will be able to find the right size easily. If you want to enclose a space then a larger rug will be your best bet especially in a living room or dining room. The objects in this area can be placed on the rug so as to create unity within the room. A too-small rug in these rooms will look as if your money ran out before the sewing machine could finish the job.

A smaller rug would work better in an area where you want to highlight certain features. 

If, for example, you have a fireplace that just blends in with the rest of the floor, you can add a rug of a different color in front of in in order to give it extra dimension. Smaller rugs also work great if you want to create a layered look in a room. This tends to be more difficult when using bigger rugs. 

As you can see from the above explanation, rug size matters and it is all about what your goal is for the space that you want to revamp. 

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