What is a Machine Made Rug?

After browsing our hand-made rug gallery, one might ask themselves; “What is a Machine-made Rug?”.

Machine-made rugs are made from the same type of material as hand-woven rugs like silk, wool, and high quality cotton. The difference between them is that machine-made rugs produce at a higher rate and they deliver a consistent product. They are easier to produce and more reliable to make because the mass production allows seamless creation. They sell a lot faster and cheaper than hand-made rugs because of the bulk produce it delivers. 

Since the industrial boom in the 19th century, machine-made rugs have grown very popular. Many people are drawn to them because they are cheaper than hand-woven rugs thus they can be used for any purpose. On the other hand, this always means that they are worth less than hand-woven rugs and they aren’t always used as pieces of art or décor in a home. Even though some designs are beautiful, they are functional and practical rather than decorative. 

Machine-made rugs have a very mechanical element in its production and design. Many rugs are produced with the exact same pattern and none of them are unique. They lack the personality that hand-made rugs are eager to boast with and there is no magic in the designs that they produce. You might buy a beautiful rug today and tomorrow you find out that your neighbor bought the exact same one. 

This is not to say that machine-made rugs are inferior nor should you be discouraged to purchase one. If it is a rug that makes you smile, then it is the right rug for you.  

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