Top 6 Rug Shapes

Common rugs have hundreds of styles, designs, and shapes designed specifically for the homes, offices, conference rooms, and red carpets. A whopping 100 Billion USD rug industry takes care of its customer base by bringing together hundreds of unique designs and shapes to fit into any room setting.

Here is a list of the Top 6 rug shapes worldwide:

Rectangular rugs are among the most common shapes. They vary in style and are appropriate for square rooms that don’t have enough furniture. This shape is most commonly used in our living rooms because of their large width and length.

Runners are another most commonly used shapes. They are narrow in size, so they can be used in narrow hallways. Apart from the narrowness, they are designed as rectangular shaped to also fit in to square rooms.

Square shape is another common figure in rugs. There is no basic difference between a rectangular and square shaped rug pattern. Use any outline according to the dimensions of the room. They are also used in living rooms.

Round shaped rugs are most frequently used for beautification. They are placed in the center of a room or a hall for a unique and broad look.

Oval shaped rugs can also be used in decorating drawing rooms and wedding halls. They are used in the same setting as a rectangular shaped rug. Due to its oval shape, oval rug looks exquisite when laid to the ground.

Sliced shaped rug is used in common household for its small size. They have a half moon shape and other varients with the same patterns. It can be used as bath mat or in a kitchen. They have an exclusive water absorptions speciality that make them fit for bathrooms and kitchens. 

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