Top 5 Rugs Being Used in Everyday Households

A rug can be used for multiple purposes, they add another dynamic to the beauty of your living space, they make room for furniture and create a regal ambience. There are various types and styles of rugs that are commonly used in Everyday households, which can be either hand stitched or machine loomed. Rug are often used to cover floors or even walls as an art piece or even to cover unsightly damage.

The Top 5 Common Uses are described below:

Area Rug in Livingroom Area

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the most commonly used rugs in homes. They are used to cover floors and add beauty to any living place. They are available in each and every size according to consumer requirements. Area rugs are larger in size and the oldest of all the rug types.


Hallway Runners

Hallway runners are used in narrow places such as entrances. They are used to design fit or

Hallway Runner

narrow places, and are available in different colors and sizes as per the room or area setting.



Door Mats

Door mats are nowadays used in almost every house, office, or workplace. They are placed in front of doors to avoid mud and dust entering the house. The major purpose of door mats is to allow the entrants to clean their feet. They are also available in different styles and colors.

Door Mat


Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are used outside the living rooms. The major advantage of outdoor rugs is that they are weather resistant. They are designed to perform heavy duty according to different conditions.

Outdoor Rug for Picnic


Bath Rugs and Mats

Bath rugs are used everywhere, in homes and corporate offices, public bathrooms, and stations. They are placed in front of bathrooms because of their ability to absorb water. You can get any color and size for a bath rug, and it’s available everywhere. 

Bath Mat

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