Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Pakistani Rug

Pakistan has a huge carpet weaving industry; being the second-largest cottage industry of Pakistan, carpet weaving is a thriving export of Pakistan with its major importers in Europe and the United States of America. The Pakistani rugs are beautifully made of the local wool yarn, silk, and cotton. The eye-catching gull, bootey designs are exclusive to Pakistani artisans. It is believed that the carpet weaving in known history first started in the present-day Pakistan in Harappa and Mohejo Daro cities of the Indus Valley civilizations being the pioneer. The exports started as early as 17th century when the British landed in the sub-continent. 

Here are 3 reasons why Pakistani rugs are best ones to buy:

High Knot Count

Pakistan’s 80% of carpet industry is set up in rural households; there’s nothing but hands involved from spinning the wool and silk to knitting and dyeing. The more time it takes to finish, the more precise and dense it would be, and lasts longer than machine-made rugs. The handmade rugs have high knot density per square inch with the average lifespan of 800+ years. 

Better than Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are the most expensive in Europe and USA. Comparing it with Pakistani rugs, the latter are durable and last longer with better designs and half the price than Persian carpets. It’s better to buy the Pakistani Bokhara rug than the Persian Kashan that is 3 times the price of Pakistani carpet. 

Variety and Quality

Pakistani rug industry boomed after the Cold War that ignited the flow of millions of Afghan refugees to Pakistan. The immigrants brought finest Afghani art of carpet weaving and variety. It mixed with the local methods of weaving and created best variants, including Bokhara Turkish knot, tekke designs, Pak Persian, Lahore rugs, chobi, peshawari rugs, shal, and jaldar. 

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