Tips for Choosing your Rug Style Preference

Rugs can be fabricated in diverse styles and shapes. There are multiple options, there are a lot of preferences in the market, the Asian and Turkish style, Tibetan knotted, or the unique Persian and Afghani-styled rugs, the possibilities are limitless.

The idea is to buy the one that suits best your lifestyle, here are few recommendations:

Tufted Style

Tufted style is one the most common and the most beautiful style among all. Here, fibers loop through a rug’s backing. The fibers are left looped and cut evenly across. They aren’t expensive, so they won’t last longer. Life of tufted rug is about 7 to 8 years.

Knotted Style

Another generally used style is knotted style; as per its, name it is fabricated by knotting all the fibers together making a tie one by one with a single grit. It is not an easy job as a single person hardly completes a knotted rug in a year. They can be associated with Persian rugs.

Flat Weave

Flat woven rugs are the most commonly used rug in the world. They are similar to knotted rugs but you don’t have to cut knot, instead continue with a single thread. They are produced more quickly than the knotted rugs.

Shag Style

Shag style is another most common style used throughout the world. They are known for their best softening under feet. They can be used in a living room or anywhere else you want. They are long and thick with soft topping.

Braided Style

Braided rugs are created by interweaving long clothes, then sewing them together by a specified thread. They are comparatively easy to make. They are available in different colors and styles and are mostly in round or oval shapes.

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