The Wonderful World of Textiles

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Textiles! Rugs are more or less a part of the lavish lifestyle and a room setting can be left partial without a beautiful rug present. In rug making, different materials are used but it’s not an easy job especially when it comes to hand-made rugs, the creation process requires a special talent that only few possess.

Here are some of the many different Fabrics/Textiles used when creating a hand-made rug:


Wool is a common raw material in the rug making process. It is obtained from the fur of many different animals and is commonly known as a textile fiber. The major advantage of a wool rug is that they add warmth to our living space. Wool rugs are can be created by hand-made or machine-loomed methods.


Cotton rugs have their particular specialty in being that they are light in weight and full of character. Cotton rugs are very light and airy and always give an instant perk to any room. Woven cotton rugs are primarily created using hand-made methods.

Natural Fibers

Rugs can also be made from natural fibers. They bring an organic look and natural texture to any living place. Materials used in these rugs are obtained from all kinds of plants and grasses such as sisal and jute.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic Fibers are made from man-made materials having both natural fiber and wool blended in. They are either made from polyester, acrylic and/or nylon. Due to their ability to resist wear and tear, they’re a cost-effective option for your kitchen or high traffic areas.

Hand Woven Rugs

Hand-woven rugs are made from different materials such as a wool, silk and Persian knots which were also used in hand-woven rugs. Hand-Woven rugs can be created with a plethora of materials and textiles, it all depends on the creator and the abilities of the weaver themselves. Many positive and negative examples can be provided to show the impact a Hand-Woven rug can have on a room or living space.

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