The Truth About Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs must be weather-resistant, made of rough and tough materials, last longer and not allow excess moisture or sunlight to dampen or fade them away! Planning to buy an outdoor porch mat or a poolside rug? Our suggestion would be to never buy an original hand-knitted or expensive rug for outdoor use. Always buy a synthetic rug for outdoor use and never use an outdoor rug for indoor purposes. 

Synthetic Rugs for Outdoors 

Polypropylene is a superb agent for outdoor rugs, it disperses water and is also resistant to moisture, and sunlight. It lasts longer and is also typically cheaper in price, it gets dry quickly and is lighter to carry around different locations. It’s portability and resistance to the weather make it the best outdoor rug option. Don’t use natural fibers for outdoor purposes, bamboo and sisal is a big NO! The polypropylene is soft and fluffy, mimics the wool in softness and shape and there are a lot of size and shape options available for as low as $20!

Another great synthetic material for outdoors is polyester; they can be placed on surfaces with low exposure to sun and water. Use them in porch areas or just at the entrance door for better use. Most polyester mats are fire resistant, they never fade in color or shrink in size. Polyester is also fade resistant and they’ll never get damaged with spills and stains. 

Maintenance Tips 

To make your outdoor rug last longer, vacuum your rugs regularly to prevent it from dust and debris! Also, always sweep underneath the rug to prevent dust from accumulating underneath it. If it gets an oil-based stain that won’t go away with a wash, take a brush and gently rub it with a detergent or soap and a quick water splash. Do not use bleaching soaps and detergents as they will damage the fiber. Be sure to dry it completely before placing it again on the floor!

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