The Rug Shop Buyer’s Guide:

You can probably live without a rug but would you want to? Can you imagine how absolutely boring life would be to walk into a room and there is nothing warm to greet your feet after a long day? Rug shopping might sound like an easy task but it can be very demanding, especially if you have never done it before. So here is a basic buyer’s guide as to what to do when shopping for rugs. And for those seasoned rug shoppers, we’re willing to bet that you can learn a thing or two as well…

Let the Pile Fit Your Lifestyle

It doesn’t help that you buy a shaggy carpet when you have toddlers running around, losing pieces of toys inside the carpets. Make sure that the pile matches the life you are living. A perfect carpet complements your life; it does not create unnecessary problems. A low-pile wool rug is generally better to have because it is easy to clean and it is easy to maintain. They are pet- and kid-friendly. You can throw a luxurious shaggy rug in low traffic areas such as the bedroom. 

Vintage or New?

If you are unsure whether or not you should invest in an old or new carpet, draw up a pros and cons list. From an environmental perspective, vintage is always the way to go, especially if you want something in your house with rich history that can tell a story. However, not all rugs are beautiful to look at and unless you have a few hundred bucks in your pocket, an old rug will probably be worn out. An expensive old rug is also useless if you have pets that are going to run all over it. In these cases new carpets are a better choice. 

Shopping Online Is Cool, But…

Online shopping is a great way to save time and maybe even a bit of bucks because it is not a shop where the owners have to pay rent and overhead costs. However, online shopping limits your view of what you are getting. You don’t actually know what the carpet will feel like. Rather have a look at discount stores or even thrift shops. You might find a really cool vintage design for very cheap!

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