The Oriental Rug: Origin to Modern Day

Oriental Rug in Modern Day Room

Renaissance Era Painting Containing an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are the cultural symbols of Asia, especially South Asia, Far, and Middle East. The modern-day antique rugs of oriental origin are results of thousands of years of evolution in designs and patterns,that said, the basic weaving methods remain identical throughout the centuries. The original Oriental Rugs were exported from the ancient Silk Road to many parts of Europe and then on to the New World. Oriental Rugs had their greatest demand in the early 17th century in Europe while the Middle East and Central Asia were the sole producers of Oriental Rugs. 

As of now, almost all the Oriental Rug designs include Islamic carvings and the wreathed patterns inspired by the flora of Eastern Islamic countries. The geometrical shapes fantasized by the Muslim mathematicians and masons of the golden Islamic age are still depicted in the modern-day carpet industry, especially in Turkey and Iran. The handmade carpets are weaved in such a way that it will almost never resemble another in any way, even the colors and patterns will always differ even in “identical” rugs created by the same Artisan.

Records show, the very first Oriental Rug was spun and weaved before 500 B.C!

Today, Rugs are commonly preferred as a floor covering and they are occasionally hung on walls for decoration to enhance interior design as well. As for oriental rugs, they are entirely handmade making them unique and primarily expensive. Oriental Rug usage is ultimately limited to drawing rooms, studies or offices; as it adds a classy look to the living space with a completeness that defines each nook of your space. Oriental rugs create a visual appealing environment with their thick furs and knot density, it keeps the room cozy with its ability to absorb and maintain the heat and if it ever becomes to priceless or too expensive to cover the floor, hang it on the wall for an elegant art piece!

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