The Importance of Rugs and Interior Design:

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that it is lacking something? Perhaps the entire feel of the room is just completely off and a certain element is missing. 

It could be that the room needs a rug. 

Any expert will tell you the importance of the right type of rug in a room and that the wrong one could be disastrous for any type of environment. Rugs have many different important characteristics that help light up a room in terms of interior design. 

Here are some of the basic impacts of rugs as a decorative piece: 


Rugs have the ability to complement a room and give it a smoother, unified look. Fine rugs can add softer tones to a room and help particular colors stand out without overruling other aspects of the design. Bolder colors can add character to a very dark and drab room that does not get enough natural light. It doesn’t matter whether it is an office space, a bedroom, or a dining room, the right color carpet can be life changing and when you see the difference you are going to kick yourself for not acting sooner. 


If everything in your house was one color, what would it look like? Pretty boring and with absolutely no depth. This applies to texture as well. Having only one type of texture in your house can become extremely monotonous. The right texture rug will definitely add improvement to your living areas. Try and find the right balance of texture and weight when you buy a rug.  A rug that is too bulky or threadbare is going to show flaws in your design. 


People fall in love with homes because of the way they feel and a rug can help to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. A fine rug can create a very tranquil atmosphere whilst chunky carpets can lend a sense of comfort and warmth. It’s all about the purpose and role you want it to play in your home. 

The importance of carpets and interior design can absolutely not be overestimated. Both go hand in hand to create a fantastic look and feeling to any home. 

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  1. Emma Wilson

    Thanks for sharing this post. Rugs play an important role to enhance your interior design. No matter what type of rugs you are using and where you are placing it, you will definitely see a change in the overall appearance.

    • Soroush

      You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for the compliment! We are very passionate about rugs and assisting others as well! Stay tuned for more rug articles and content. 🙂

  2. CDR

    Thanks for sharing this information! I really like rugs so much. Because of rugs, our living room looks so beautiful. Recently I purchased cotton dari rugs and its design and quality amazed me. You said true rugs plays a very important role in interior designs.

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