The Difference Between a Rug & Carpet

Well, we all must have confused a rug with carpet or the other way around. There are popular debates on the internet on whether both the rugs and carpets be termed the same thing or not. It’s the same confusion as it is between a soccer and football, both are seemingly different yet incredibly the same. In some countries, there’s no difference at all, a few among them are conscious when calling it either a rug or a carpet. A somewhat acceptable argument is its defined area i.e. 40 square feet, above it is carpets and under the 40 sq. ft. are termed rugs. The word “Carpet” is originally traced back to an ancient French word “Carpite” that means a decorative cloth or a coarse cloth in English. Rug was used from 15th century onwards and is derived from Norse word “rogg” that means a mat. 

The primary technical difference among rugs and carpets are their size and applications. In the USA, anything spread wall-to-wall is a carpet, rugs are the tiny carpet pieces or entirely the separated products manufactured for specific usage i.e. wall hanging, foot or bedroom rugs. The rugs are loomed on a dedicated frame. Both rugs and carpets are made of the same materials, either the synthetic fibers or the naturally extracted wool, silk, cotton, or jute. Carpets are thicker and heavier than rugs, the carpets cover larger floor area with a defined border and design pattern in the middle. 

If you are buying a carpet, there are lesser options than it would be for rugs; the latter is pricey for its delicacy and hard work while being manufactured. When stained, rugs are easy to clean and dry compared to the carpets due to their mobility. Rugs are used for decoration, carpets are rugged and less embellished. 

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