The Difference Between a Handmade Wool & Silk Rug

It’s not a difficult choice selecting between a wool and silk rug. Buy a wool rug if you are going to place it to more human traffic or feet movement, or go for the silk one for sleek and beautiful look for less crowded space or for wall hangings. As we all know, wool is more abundant than silk, it takes lesser time to weave a wool rug, and it has longer lifespan, more than 100 years on average. On the other hand, silk rugs present royalty and class, it looks shiny, cleaner, and has more knots per square inch. 

Wool rugs hold better against the spills and thick stains, it is easy to clean and stand longer against the time and temperature. Wool rugs are thicker; they require twice a month cleanup with any vacuum cleaner. If you are not good with vacuum cleaner or your cleaner pulls out the fiber knots, it’s better to take it out to the sun and shake it thoroughly to remove dust trapped in air pockets. For silk rugs, the fiber count is higher per square inch, hence lesser chances of dust particles to settle in. Still, with a little dust getting into it, the luster may get dull lessening the genuine look of it. Wool is stronger than silk, the latter is 4 times pricey than former for its more knots per square inch and delicacy. 

Make sure to check if you are allergic to wool before buying a wool rug. For wool rugs, a cotton base is used that wears off quickly, however silk rug is all the same and does not rot from either sides or bottom. For durability, it’s better buying a bamboo silk rug that cost less and lasts longer than pure silk. 

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