The Biggest Area Rug Trends of 2019

You might have already caught up on the biggest interior design trends or fashion trends of 2019, but don’t forget about updating your carpets as well. Drag your home out of the 2018-zone and say hello to a modern, newer look that can be created all thanks to your choice of carpets. Experts have noted several different trends on the horizon for this year and they certainly have the ability to change your rooms from drab to fab. 

Here are a few of our favorite trends from 2019 so far:


Say goodbye to those boring floors or (heaven forbid) you old doormat that says ‘Welcome to our home’. This year is all about bringing the carpet to the front door. Entryways are almost always neglected which is ironic because it is the first place people will step inside as they enter your home. This is the exact room where you have to make a statement. An area rug in this room will definitely set the tone for the rest of the house. Many people have decided to take the risk and go for lighter colors in their entryway in order to make it look more luxurious. 

Larger Sizes

Don’t listen to your mom, honey: size really does matter… well, at least when it comes to carpets anyway! This year people are paying way more attention to bigger carpets in their rooms and they want to make absolutely sure that it fits. Since most rooms are not built the same way, standard rugs are just not doing the trick anymore so people have decided to go custom. They have the opportunity to create a rug particularly for that space and they see it as an investment for years to come. 

Low-pile Heights

Luckily one thing we will take with from 2018 is low-pile heights. Experts have noted that they will still be very popular in 2019. They are easier to clean than other carpets and even when moving doors or furniture, they don’t leave any marks. 

Don’t be caught with outdated carpets! Bring the glam back into your home this year. 

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