Fall & Winter Rug Trends of 2019

The year’s now half gone and with fall season about to come in a month or two, many of us want to replace our old and shabby rugs with some newer, trendy ones. If that’s the reason you’ve landed in our blog section, we could rescue you in exchange for your few minutes! The newer rug designs come with a more natural aesthetic and would be a perfect ambient to your room or office setting.

People follow what celebrities use and celebrities follow what designers recommend to them. Here’s our top designer and celebrity picks to make your space look more livable and cozier for the 2019 Winter season and for many years to come:

Color Burst Textured Rugs 

2019 is all about colored and textured rugs, be the one to buy the newest trend! If not all, save some space for a colorful rectangular or square rug piece featuring multiple colors in a row. The rough carpets with a lot of colors are warm and lovely for any room or office setting. Place it right under the glass table or besides sofa, it will renovate your space with lively colors and a much-needed contrasting gradient. 

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The Bohemian Vibe 

Boho rugs are trending for years now, they are different from all and host a lot of colors. Bohemian rugs are defined by their intense color scheme and earthly colors including reds, brown, and green base colors. The rug type is trending in much of the Europe and the USA; the reddish bohemian rugs are the greatest of them all. The old-looking sofas, wide beds, and warm light settings are the best proponents for a boho-styled rug selection.  

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Nordic Fusion 

The new Nordic design are both innovative and lighter for any medium sized room. Nordic rugs are trending in all of the European countries, especially in Germany and Britain. They keep spaces warm, luxurious and cozy so your room looks complete and occupied with any furniture and bed color. There are a multiple novel color setting used in 2019 Nordic styles of which birch, green, and oak colors are the most trending ones with darker textures. 

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