Rug Options for Smaller Spaces

Smaller space? No problem, size can’t be the reason your space looks less beautiful. Since, with the lesser space, the more you can focus on the best parts of it! If you are designing a Studio interior or a bedroom with not that much of an area, we could help you choose the right rug to make you feel a bit cozy and relaxed after all the hard work in designing the room.

Here are a few tips to put your mind at ease when buying the best rug for a smaller space: 

Choose Accordingly 

Yes, we suggest you refrain from buying a solid or striped carpet for a small bedroom, or an over-stylized and super-expensive one for a Studio space. You’ve got to be precise about the rug design choices accordingly. For a home, a more delicate and over-textured rug works great with a lot of colors and theoretically, any design will work. In contrast, the trick doesn’t work in an office or smaller Studio, so beware! 

Don’t Go Too Dark

You already have a smaller space to make an impact on the rooms ambiance, so there’s no need to over-experiment for a little space available. If there are sofas and chairs around, simply install and brighter rug or floral design with bright tones and a lot of open space to spare, it looks relieving. That said, neutral colors may seem great for an office setting, but follow our advice here and never get a solid color, try textured design for a bit life in the colorless scheme!

Black and White

This color combination always works for a small or medium setting, if you don’t have much choices or can’t decide? Try a B&W striped rug and it will never look bad or out of place. Most of the European apartment settings prefer black and white over any of the above color schemes, Black and White is a classy yet bold combination for a smaller space. 

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