The Best Rugs for Minimalist Interiors

Modern rugs are remarkable accents for modern homes. A minimalist approach to interior design is one of the most common and popular for today’s homes and properties. No wonder contemporary rugs may also have features that match any modern spaces with minimalist interior designs. Superior quality rug collections for modern minimalism is widespread in today’s world.

Minimalist Modern Rugs Overview

Some modern collections of rugs with the minimalist design include Afghan, Indian, Moroccan, Kilim, Nepal, and Pakistani. Minimalist modern rugs have common features such as simple design patterns and muted colors. Minimalism also highlights clean lines, which can easily blend with a similar style, decor, and furniture. These rugs may be hand-made and customized while others are antique with classic patterns.

Finding the right supplier or manufacturer of industry-grade modern rugs for minimalist interior designs is the first step to a long-lasting investment. The good news is that you have a luxury of choice when shopping for the best rugs that match your property and personal preferences. It helps to make pre-purchase research before you make your final decision about your investment. Good quality modern rugs for minimalist settings boost the value and aesthetic of your property upfront.

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Rug Options for Smaller Spaces

Smaller space? No problem, size can’t be the reason your space looks less beautiful. Since, with the lesser space, the more you can focus on the best parts of it! If you are designing a Studio interior or a bedroom with not that much of an area, we could help you choose the right rug to make you feel a bit cozy and relaxed after all the hard work in designing the room.

Here are a few tips to put your mind at ease when buying the best rug for a smaller space: 

Choose Accordingly 

Yes, we suggest you refrain from buying a solid or striped carpet for a small bedroom, or an over-stylized and super-expensive one for a Studio space. You’ve got to be precise about the rug design choices accordingly. For a home, a more delicate and over-textured rug works great with a lot of colors and theoretically, any design will work. In contrast, the trick doesn’t work in an office or smaller Studio, so beware! 

Don’t Go Too Dark

You already have a smaller space to make an impact on the rooms ambiance, so there’s no need to over-experiment for a little space available. If there are sofas and chairs around, simply install and brighter rug or floral design with bright tones and a lot of open space to spare, it looks relieving. That said, neutral colors may seem great for an office setting, but follow our advice here and never get a solid color, try textured design for a bit life in the colorless scheme!

Black and White

This color combination always works for a small or medium setting, if you don’t have much choices or can’t decide? Try a B&W striped rug and it will never look bad or out of place. Most of the European apartment settings prefer black and white over any of the above color schemes, Black and White is a classy yet bold combination for a smaller space. 

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Should you Buy a Rectangular Rug or an Oval Rug?

Oval Shaped Rug in a Living Room Setting

It’s a great debate, between buying a rectangular rug or square, or a unique and tiny oval shaped rug for your living space or office area. Each has its setting requirement and advantage. We’ll let you know where to and where not to use it; it all depends on the room theme and setting, the length and width of the furniture, the bedroom, foyer, bathroom, or an office. The applications are different for various rug shapes. To choose the best among the most feasible choices, you need to create a list of places where the rugs are meant to be kept. The shape and size matter the most when selecting a carpet for your living space or for a business place. 

Living Area Settings 

Rugs look great in living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and bathroom sometimes. A room features furniture and decorative items, beds, and paintings. Choose rugs accordingly, choose the best shape as per the room size and setting. If a room is larger enough, a rectangular rug is the best fit. To create a focal point in the room, choose a smaller oval-shaped carpet for beauty. Rectangular rugs are better off with corridors and hallways. 

Rectangle Rugs in a Storage Cellar

Rectangle Rugs in a Storage Cellar

Workspace Setting 

For offices and Studios, square rugs are the best pick. Workspace has chairs and tables, mostly square shaped and is less complex than the home setting. For offices, there’s always a rectangular or preferably squarer rug shape with dark tones and a bit of texture, solid colors work too in a workplace environment as they hide the frequent footstep marks made

Oval Rug in a Dining Room Setting

during the working hours. 


Bath mats are much smaller than the modern regular rugs, they are only used to prevent dust from entering the bathroom. The color doesn’t matter, any light or dark tone will do the job. 

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The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Rugs

An all-natural, combination rugs or totally synthetic rugs are poles apart in their strength, lifetime, price, and looks. The priciest of all are natural rugs, combinational rugs being the second and synthetic are the cheapest of all rug types. before making any decision, look down towards their pros and cons and where they are and where not to be placed. 

Natural fibers are biodegradable i.e. they can be recycled and renewed by treatment. Plant fibers are the most common of all the natural fibers and are easily recycled. The most common of plant fibers are seagrass, jute, sisal, and cotton ones. Jute is a fluffy substance and works best in an isolated and less frequently visited places, they are mostly dark in color and shades. Sisal is tightly woven and is durable for high traffic areas. 

Silk rugs are the most expensive ones, they could be all-natural or treated with chemicals or dyed separately. Silk rugs lose their strength when exposed to moisture or washed. There’s another treated variant called Washable Silk that can be cleaned by exposing it to the water, no fiber is harmed by washing. 

Synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene as the most rugged fibers. The materials are made of petroleum end products and are cheaper in price, rugged in nature, works best in outdoors and less prone to fading or shrinking. Olefin or polypropylene is inexpensive and best for outdoors and indoors. They are stain resistant except for oily stains, they resist moisture and are placed in low to medium exposure to the sun. Polyester is a highly weather-resistant material for outdoor rugs, it resists sunlight and moisture, it lasts longer than all the synthetic fibers, and is cheapest of all the rugs. 

Top 5 Rugs Being Used in Everyday Households

A rug can be used for multiple purposes, they add another dynamic to the beauty of your living space, they make room for furniture and create a regal ambience. There are various types and styles of rugs that are commonly used in Everyday households, which can be either hand stitched or machine loomed. Rug are often used to cover floors or even walls as an art piece or even to cover unsightly damage.

The Top 5 Common Uses are described below:

Area Rug in Livingroom Area

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the most commonly used rugs in homes. They are used to cover floors and add beauty to any living place. They are available in each and every size according to consumer requirements. Area rugs are larger in size and the oldest of all the rug types.


Hallway Runners

Hallway runners are used in narrow places such as entrances. They are used to design fit or

Hallway Runner

narrow places, and are available in different colors and sizes as per the room or area setting.



Door Mats

Door mats are nowadays used in almost every house, office, or workplace. They are placed in front of doors to avoid mud and dust entering the house. The major purpose of door mats is to allow the entrants to clean their feet. They are also available in different styles and colors.

Door Mat


Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are used outside the living rooms. The major advantage of outdoor rugs is that they are weather resistant. They are designed to perform heavy duty according to different conditions.

Outdoor Rug for Picnic


Bath Rugs and Mats

Bath rugs are used everywhere, in homes and corporate offices, public bathrooms, and stations. They are placed in front of bathrooms because of their ability to absorb water. You can get any color and size for a bath rug, and it’s available everywhere. 

Bath Mat

The Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rugs

There are clear divergences between hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs. If you are still not familiar how a hand-tufted rug costs lesser than the hand-knotted, here’s a comparison and working of both types of carpet weaving techniques used in finishing the product. 


A hand-knotted carpet takes months, sometimes years to complete. The weaving techniques is known to and mastered by a very few craftsmen, it requires patience and greater skills to weave a hand-knotted rug. The quality must be top-notch for the market, so the knot density per square inch is higher, outnumbering the hand-tufted 10 times to 1. On average, a skilled weaver knots around 8000-10,000 fibers a day, that means it will take more than a year to complete a single rug when made by hand. The price tag varies between $500 to $20,000 based on kcpsi and quality of material. The life span of a high density hand-knotted rug is 800 years or more.  Hand-knotted rugs are so expensive because of their rarity, skill level, and originality compared to the machine-made mass production of the similarly shaped rugs. 


Hand-tufted rugs are technically considered handmade, still they differ completely in quality and price from the hand-knotted counterparts. Anyone can tell the different by having a grim look over both the rugs. The hand-tufted rugs include a process of weaving without tying knots. Instead, a tufting gun is used to punch wool threads into the rug frame where fibers are tied horizontally. Hand-tufted carpet making requires no extra skills and experience as it is required for hand-knotted carpet weaving. When all of the fibers are concentrated through tufting gun, the rug is taken out of the frame and glued with a cotton base, or sewn. Hand-tufted carpets are cheaper and affordable, they have a small life span and wear off quickly.  

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How to Choose the Best Rug Color:

Choosing a rug is not just about popping into the nearest store and buying whatever you feel like buying. There is a very intricate process involved that no one has ever told you about. It involves choosing the correct size, the correct material, and of course, the correct color! Buying a carpet in the wrong color can totally throw you entire décor off course and leave your room looking in bad shape. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a rug color.

The Color Should Serve the Purpose

The color of the rug will reflect the atmosphere and the purpose of the room. Different colors bring different feelings into a room, so it is important that you create the best ambience possible. Deep, rich colors are perfect for creating an intimate feeling while bright colors are great for making a small space look bigger. Soft or muted shades are perfect for rooms with bright walls. 

Keeping it Neutral

Neutral and soft tones are trending on the color palette because they are vital for creating a tranquil and serene space. Here you can choose a color or a shade that matches the walls or the furniture. Monochromatic color schemes are particularly soothing to the eye, creating a relaxed environment. If you want to create this feeling, stay away from bold colors or colors that are too bright. 

Bright and Vibrant

Bright and vibrant colors are great for spaces where you need an overall energetic feel. Bold colors in rugs are perfect as a center piece in rooms where the walls are painted warm colors. The shades feed off each other, creating a lively atmosphere in the room. They provide the main source of color, but they don’t steal the shine from the rest of the items in the room. Be sure that they complement the furniture of this room as well and that they don’t clash. 

Complementing Colors

Some people’s tastes fall in the middle of bright and neutral which is why complementing colors work perfectly in this case. Find a carpet that matches the color palette of the room. For example, if you have cream walls and your sofas are burgundy, try to find a carpet that consists out of those two colors. They will add that special touch to the room without standing out like a sore thumb.

Make sure that you follow these tips when you go carpet shopping because in this case the carpet really should match the drapes. 

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