What Makes Persian Rugs Expensive?

If you’ve been looking for a “magnum opus” rug for some time, then you’ve heard of the Persian Rug and the tales of their expensiveness and how are they completed with hundreds or even sometimes thousands of knots per sq. inch by human hands. That sounds amazing for a reader, yet you need to know that it cost thousands of dollars to own an original hand-woven, hand-knitted Persian rug; it’s definitely a luxury buying an all-original handmade Persian carpet. Here are a few details and why it’s so expensive than that of the other rugs, there are a lot of reasons to believe how it’s impacted, but the main reason is:

The material used is top-notch, a craftsman chooses natural fibers instead of nylon or acrylic to preserve quality and color for the next few centuries at least; it’s important to preserve a masterpiece for as long as it could naturally. Also, natural fibers i.e. silk and wool are comparatively more tolerant to human presence than chemical fibers. A Persian silk rug of Qom (a city in Iran) foreruns in Persian carpet weaving industry as it did 2500 years ago. There are also other variants i.e. wool and cotton, combination rugs, jute and sisal used to make Persian rugs. 

There are a few craftsmen left in the handmade Persian Rug industry, the art has passed on through generations in a few clans. Everything is unique about the Persian rugs, the people who made them, fibers and colors used, the time it takes to reach perfection, and its longevity. There’s a huge amount of money and labor behind a single carpet woven by hand, sometimes it takes a decade to complete a single masterpiece, the average time is at least a couple of years. The designs are mostly geometrical with the Islamic touch, the Kerman, Kashan, and Isfahani rugs are the most valued in design and geometry. 

Buying a handmade Persian rug is not a layman’s job, you need to get professional assistance from those who know it well. The top exporters of Persian rugs are Turkey, India, and Iran; buy from one of them for absolute quality and worth. 

Our inventory is imported directly from the weavers, manufacturers and craftsmen. Please feel free to stop by the shop to take a look and touch the difference between the many styles and fabrics of handmade rugs!

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