Do Oriental Rugs Increase in Value?

Purchasing an oriental rug is an amazing experience because not only do you buy a carpet that is made with great care but each Oriental rug has a different design. Many Oriental rug owners pay a lot of money for their rugs and often wonder if it is going to appreciate in value. Some owners would perhaps want to sell it at a later stage and they want to know whether they are going to be able to make more cash than they bought it for. 

The reality is that an oriental rug is an investment rather than a purchase. Many people buy these rugs because they want to add it to their family heirlooms or because of its rich history. Oriental rugs do appreciate in value but this only happens after a few decades. It is not going to happen overnight. As stated, people don’t buy oriental rugs because they want to sell it and make a profit; they buy it for personal and aesthetic reasons. 

Having said this, you rug won’t appreciate in value just because it is an antique. Authentic, hand-knotted Persian rugs will definitely increase in value but others have a good chance of staying in the same value bracket or even dropping because it is second-hand. Some rugs are simply not made very well and their quality is very weak which means that their value will decrease over time due to wear and tear. An antique rug has to be in excellent condition and well taken care of if the seller wants to make a profit out of it. Be careful of having them repaired as well; not every rug is worth repairing!

Rather buy a carpet because you want a piece of history in your house and you want to enjoy the story it has been holding for the past few hundred years. 

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