How is Child Labor Prevented in the Handmade Rug Industry?

The handmade carpet industry is plagued with dangerous activities and illegal dealings that is often too big for local policemen to tackle. These individuals usually threaten police as well with whatever power they have over them. It is for this reason that child labor is still a huge problem in countries where carpets are made. Children are forced to work ridiculous hours each day and they get very little money, if they get money at all. Their food rations are few and the conditions under which they work are horrible. 

Luckily there are many organizations that are willing to help and they do make a difference in these countries. The only downfall is that these organization are often self-funded and get very little money or support from governments in their countries. An example of a successful organization can be found in Pakistan and they are busy executing what is known as the ‘Combating Child Labor in the Carpeting Industry in Pakistan’ program. A number of manufacturers have joined this initiative to ensure that the world knows that they are against child labor in the workforce. 

The project has managed to help child workers escape the conditions of carpet weaving and several monitoring systems have been put in place to tend to the well-being of these children. They have partnered up with several other organizations and have erected different education centers where children are encouraged to go to school instead of go to work. These centers have already supplied non-formal education to 10,000 ex-carpet weaving children. 

Unfortunately these NGOs can only do so much without the necessary support. Recent findings have also shown that children choose to work in the loom factories instead of going to school. It has been reported that they often go in order to assist financially within their homes and that education is not regarded as a priority in the homes that they come from. However, this viewpoint is slowly starting to change as parents understand that education prepares their child for a better future. 

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