Top Color Trends for Rugs in 2019

Rugs are multipurpose equipment for homes and workspace, they can be used for floor coverings to add style and grace to the room setting, or to keep the room warm and elegant. Among the top trending rugs in 2019, the one thing common in all of them is their uniqueness and astonishing colors, the sole thing you need to look out for while buying a new rug for winters is their color combination and design.

Here are our top picks for 2019:

Grey is the New Black & White

For the contemporary home setting, grey is the sexiest of all the newly adopted trend in urban households. The all-grey walls and curtains with a dark or light greyish carpet, a nice tiny square rug with patterned stripes would be a great mix for your bedroom or living room. Moreover, neutral colors never get out of style and trend, they always adjust to the trend. To blend in, use green or light blue room set to make it look more appealing.

Reddish Vibes 

It’s always a better combination mixing up reddish colors with geometrically patterned rugs. If you are planning to buy Persian or Kashmiri rugs, better buy them in bold and shocking colors, preferably light red or maroon with light fragments spread throughout the carpet. A textured look with multiple colors looks vintage, adds a great atmosphere for your larger and darker room setting. 

Dark & Daring 

Bold colors fit into a wide range of room color schemes, they look even better with color combinations of grey, black, and purple fragments. For an all-white and pinkish-purplish room color schemes, dark and daring floors dunk in better and add to the style of a lighter space. Better use a contrasting color combination when choosing bold rug colors. 

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