Rug Ideas for Trendy Home Settings

You’ve probably been bombarded with a plethora of ideas for your room settings, the price charts, rug designs, interior settings, etc! Let’s get it straight, expensive or not, the best rug design would be the one that correlates best to the interior setting. Ideally, it would be a perfect combination of your room design, furniture, and space that defines the options, be it a jute, cotton, or a patterned Scandinavian carpet for a better quality and hefty price. Let’s assume you are looking for a dark-colored Persian carpet meant for a lighter furniture setting and a colored interior; it won’t look good; the reason is poor combination and a bad choice for dark and geometric rug designs. Here’s a few basic room setting ideas to make your rug look fantastic on floors without spending unnecessary funds:

Mexican Décor 

The classic Mexican Décor setting is followed in upper-middle class households in the USA and Britain as it holds a dark and suffocated look ideal for homes that have a few or no kids. The walls are embedded with charcoal or dark-brown wooden texture, the furniture has the similar ambience to the room setting. The ideal rugs are Persian or Indian styles, they are geometric and normally have dark colors I.e. red, brown, and dark-green or a mix of them. 


 Moroccan Interior 

Moroccan Interior is diversified by countless incursion on Moroccan soil for centuries, the Mediterranean route was long used by Spanish, British, and Middle Eastern traders leaving a combined mark on Moroccan culture as it is now. The room setting is versatile for its European and Islamic touch along with the traditional sub-Saharan values. The interiors are wide and open, light colors are used on walls and furniture for its climate. The lighter tones such as peach and green are contrasted perfectly with heavier reddish brown and shaded blue colors, the final product is intense yet soothing. The best rugs are textured and dark-light patterned mixture if you are living in Turkey or Middle East.

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