Top 3 Rug Ideas for Bedrooms

Fed up of the sight of bare floor? You need a change and here’s our suggestion; a nice and comfortable bedroom rug for your bedroom floor that looks enchanting and warms up the room setting simultaneously! Your bedroom is all that is left when you are free from your hectic routine, if it looks terrible or incomplete, you are probably missing something very basic. Luckily, there are a bundle of options to choose from, starting off from the nice and plain B&W carpets to the colored and textured lining rugs depending on the room setting. You need to match it with beds and furniture, room dimensions, and the correct amount of light entering the room space.

Here are a few of rug ideas for a bedroom setting that we recommend:

Dark and Colorful 

You need a light room setting to experiment with a dark and colorful rug, the contrast looks epic. For light wall colors and curtains, better choose a darkish tone and a bit textured design if you wish to capture the eye. The plain colors won’t work with the same environment setting. If you are looking to experiment a perfect combo, try this and you won’t have to replace rugs time and again. It’s better to find a patterned rug for lighter colored curtains, walls, and bedsheets. 

Black and White 

For rooms featuring multicolored walls and curtains, cupboards, and beds, a black and white patterned rug is what you need. The best thing about B & W carpets are their adjustment to any light-colored environment. The room light and ambience are retained with a black and white lining rug or you can try any textured design with a B & W ground. 

Refreshing Blue and Green 

B & G are the coziest color schemes for any smaller space. A bluish greenish ground setting for a black and white, or an all-white color scheme would be a not-bad-at-all choice, it’s neutral and aesthetic for a small bedroom or for kids’ room. 

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