Top 5 Rugs Being Used in Everyday Households

A rug can be used for multiple purposes, they add another dynamic to the beauty of your living space, they make room for furniture and create a regal ambience. There are various types and styles of rugs that are commonly used in Everyday households, which can be either hand stitched or machine loomed. Rug are often used to cover floors or even walls as an art piece or even to cover unsightly damage.

The Top 5 Common Uses are described below:

Area Rug in Livingroom Area

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the most commonly used rugs in homes. They are used to cover floors and add beauty to any living place. They are available in each and every size according to consumer requirements. Area rugs are larger in size and the oldest of all the rug types.


Hallway Runners

Hallway runners are used in narrow places such as entrances. They are used to design fit or

Hallway Runner

narrow places, and are available in different colors and sizes as per the room or area setting.



Door Mats

Door mats are nowadays used in almost every house, office, or workplace. They are placed in front of doors to avoid mud and dust entering the house. The major purpose of door mats is to allow the entrants to clean their feet. They are also available in different styles and colors.

Door Mat


Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are used outside the living rooms. The major advantage of outdoor rugs is that they are weather resistant. They are designed to perform heavy duty according to different conditions.

Outdoor Rug for Picnic


Bath Rugs and Mats

Bath rugs are used everywhere, in homes and corporate offices, public bathrooms, and stations. They are placed in front of bathrooms because of their ability to absorb water. You can get any color and size for a bath rug, and it’s available everywhere. 

Bath Mat

How Does An Area Rug Impact Home Design?

If you have a room in your house that seriously lacks excitement then the solution is simple: add a rug to it. A rug is an affordable way to brighten up any room and apart from weekly vacuuming it requires very little maintenance. Rugs are incredibly versatile in the sense that you can do a lot with them in one specific room. It can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, or help accentuate a room’s décor. It all depends on the purpose of the rug.

Here are a few ideas that you can use in order to create the perfect home design with your rugs:

Define areas

Rugs are a great way to separate areas, especially in studio apartments where everything is open plan. Add one to the foyer, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room and hey presto!

Create variety

You can add two different rugs in one room or area in order to create some variety. Just be careful that you don’t add two rugs of the same shape or color – it could split the room in two.

Create hegemony

If you decide to use more than one rug, you want it to look unified and create an overall hegemonic look. Make sure that the rugs complement each other and try not to use too many layers. This could result in an eyesore and make the room look tacky and unpleasant. 

Control the volume

Make sure that your rug does not disturb the rest of the décor in your room. If you have bold wallpaper, you cannot throw a bold rug in the same room. Rather opt for a neutral rug so that it shows off different contrasts. Play around with the volume. Only you can decide how much you want to turn it up or down.

Use it as wall decoration

A rug can easily be hung on a wall in order to create a focal point especially if the wall is painted a neutral color.  It can have a huge impact if you choose a bold color instead of a monotonous or generic standard color. This is where Persian carpets come into play. There are worth a lot more than standard carpets and they will definitely be a feast for the eyes in any room. 

Area rug room design does not have to be tricky at all. You just need to keep your eye open for specific patterns and trends and grab them when the time is right.

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Do Oriental Rugs Increase in Value?

Purchasing an oriental rug is an amazing experience because not only do you buy a carpet that is made with great care but each Oriental rug has a different design. Many Oriental rug owners pay a lot of money for their rugs and often wonder if it is going to appreciate in value. Some owners would perhaps want to sell it at a later stage and they want to know whether they are going to be able to make more cash than they bought it for. 

The reality is that an oriental rug is an investment rather than a purchase. Many people buy these rugs because they want to add it to their family heirlooms or because of its rich history. Oriental rugs do appreciate in value but this only happens after a few decades. It is not going to happen overnight. As stated, people don’t buy oriental rugs because they want to sell it and make a profit; they buy it for personal and aesthetic reasons. 

Having said this, you rug won’t appreciate in value just because it is an antique. Authentic, hand-knotted Persian rugs will definitely increase in value but others have a good chance of staying in the same value bracket or even dropping because it is second-hand. Some rugs are simply not made very well and their quality is very weak which means that their value will decrease over time due to wear and tear. An antique rug has to be in excellent condition and well taken care of if the seller wants to make a profit out of it. Be careful of having them repaired as well; not every rug is worth repairing!

Rather buy a carpet because you want a piece of history in your house and you want to enjoy the story it has been holding for the past few hundred years. 

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Why Area Rug Size Matters:

The thought of buying a rug should not stress you out. 

It should actually excite you! A rug is a much underestimated piece of décor and it can transform any room within an instant. A rug is a cheap and affordable way to reinvent your home, but many people can get it so wrong. The wrong size carpet can ruin a room and make it look tacky or too small. 

Area rug size is something that should be brought under your attention if you don’t realize it yet. 

It is a pretty big deal!

The size of the rug will be determined by what you want to use it for, in other words, you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of this rug? If you know what the purpose is, you will be able to find the right size easily. If you want to enclose a space then a larger rug will be your best bet especially in a living room or dining room. The objects in this area can be placed on the rug so as to create unity within the room. A too-small rug in these rooms will look as if your money ran out before the sewing machine could finish the job.

A smaller rug would work better in an area where you want to highlight certain features. 

If, for example, you have a fireplace that just blends in with the rest of the floor, you can add a rug of a different color in front of in in order to give it extra dimension. Smaller rugs also work great if you want to create a layered look in a room. This tends to be more difficult when using bigger rugs. 

As you can see from the above explanation, rug size matters and it is all about what your goal is for the space that you want to revamp. 

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The Top Reasons to Purchase an Area Rug:

One of the most popular rugs to have in a house is an area rug. This rug can totally the change the way you and your guests perceive your house. An area rug is perfect for when you want to redecorate your home but you don’t want to spend a fortune or when you just want to get rid of the old carpets that are not doing anything for your room.

Here are a few more reasons why you should purchase an area rug. 

They are Versatile

Area rugs are the most versatile rug that you can get. There are many different types of materials to choose from which makes it easy for you to pinpoint exactly what you need. They can fit in any room in the house be it the living room, the bedroom, the hallway, or even your home office space. As a rule of thumb, you should use an area rug underneath the largest piece of furniture in the room in order to create balance.

They are Inexpensive

As mentioned above, it will not cost you much to throw an area rug or two in the room that needs a little extra something. It will definitely work out a whole lot cheaper than replacing all the decorative elements and the furniture you own! If you don’t want to ruin it by putting it on the floor and letting people walk over it, you can simply hang it on the wall as an accent piece. This works great with large rugs that have intricate patterns on. 

They Add Warmth

If you have tiles in your home or wooden floors, you know how cold it can get in those winter months! An area rug immediately brings a sense of warmth to the room. If you have hard floors, an area rug will be a welcome relief to your feet as you step on a comfortable piece of material that is not wood, concrete, or tiles. 

Area rugs have always been trendy and they will continue to be for years to come. 

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Area Rugs – 3 Overlooked Benefits You’re Missing Out On

There are probably a hundred different reasons why people purchase an area rug. We know, we’ve probably blogged about most of them. Here at Rug Resources, we have three overlooked benefits a beautiful Oriental Rug can bring to your life.

Dust Collectors

Yes, you read it right, area rugs actually make a great dust collector. But just think, you move into a brand-new home with beautiful hard wood floors, just to find that those beautiful hard wood floors need to be swept everyday to keep that pesky dust from collecting! A simple fix is an area rug. Rugs are an excellent way of reducing the messy house look with dust buildup. Lay an area rug down and let that beautiful wood floor harmonize with it, without worrying about visitors seeing dust.

Ambient Noise Reduction

Have any neighbors just as pesky as that dust buildup on your floors? Always complaining about noise when you’re hosting a party. Well, rugs actually reduce ambient noise. Rugs act as an additional layer of insulation, insulating ambient noise throughout your house or apartment. There are also rug pads put underneath your rug that are used specifically as soundproofing. These rug pads reduce noise coming into your home and noise coming out. The rug and pad combo can also improve the acoustics of your home.

Warm Up Cold Floors

Walking on your cold floor on the way to the coffee pot can be uncomfortable. A simple area rug can keep those toes nice and warm. Rugs started off as being nothing more than an animal skin thrown onto the ground for added comfort and warmth. It’s interesting that today in 2017, we are still using rugs in the same fashion as our ancient ancestors.

So there you have it, three overlooked benefits in having an area rug. If you have any more rug questions please feel free to ask (here). Or stop in and see us at Rug Resources.

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