Top Rug Trends in American Households

Americans love custom floor coverings let alone rugs and carpets. They are obsessed and intoxicated with the idea of adding warmth, diffusing sound waves, amongst other known benefits of rugs. The United States is the biggest importer of rugs and carpets from Iran, Turkey, India, and Scandinavia. An average American household features at least one unique-bedroom floor covering. It’s not that they have a strong purchasing power that compels North Americans to buy a rug for whatever the price, it’s the climate and need for a stylish and comfortable accessory that leaves them no option but to buy a rug for their homes. 

Here are a few top  rug trends that are the most common in American homes:

Tropical Area Rugs 

American homes are wide and airy, well mostly. Keeping in mind a modern house, a bold and glittery tropical area rug with a patterned lining would be a great addition to any countryside home. Tropical rugs are used everywhere, in the bedrooms, lounge, or even alfresco kitchens. Roll in below dining tables or bedrooms to add much-needed vibrancy to the woody furniture and ashen ramparts. 

European-Styled Floral Rugs 

Floral rugs are smaller and complex in design, they add a synthetic ambiance to a small living space. If you are a fan of colorful floor coverings, we suggest a large and multi-colored rectangular floral area rugs for your sofa. Floral rugs add wonderful looks to living rooms, they highlight the furniture and paintings the room. 

Faded Rugs 

Faded area rugs are the newest trending rugs for dark rooms with a little space to spare. For dark-colored furniture, a faded base with bold stripes adds to a brilliant room atmosphere. Make sure to use neutral colors along with vibrant ones to create an equilibrium in combination with the furniture and walls. 

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