Silk Rug Care & Maintenance Tips 

Silk rugs consists of some of the most expensive rugs in the world. There are multiple silk blends available as well, it can be a silk/wool blend, bamboo silk which can be given the look of a natural silk, and also pure silk extracted from silkworm larvae and cocoons. All of its silk varieties are pricier than their counterparts i.e. wool, jute, synthetic fibers such as olefin, polyester, and nylon. Since it costs a couple thousand dollars to buy a standard rug, such an item requires great care and delicacy while cleaning it or your precious silk rug will depreciate faster than anticipated if not maintained carefully. 

Since a majority of silk rugs are more detailed in design; they have a higher knot count almost four times greater than that of wool rugs. Silk fiber is also delicate, it can’t bear heavy foot traffic at any cost, we suggest to place it in a less crowded place on the floor or hang it on a wall to protect it from any damage. If the silk rug is placed on the ground, make sure it is rotated regularly to avoid side wear from either corners. Also, make sure to place your silk rug in an area away from direct sunlight or it will lose it’s glitter and charm. The color will literally fade away in days if the Silk Rug is placed in a direct contact with the sunlight all day. It is better to place the rug in a cross-sunlight area for minimal exposure to the suns harmful rays. 

Proper and adequate cleaning is another very important and crucial step to maintaining the shine and overall quality of your silk rug. If you must, ensure to use non-brush vacuum cleaners, or it will pull out the fabric and thread from the silk rugs surface. If at-all possible, do not even use a vacuum to clean a silk rug at-all, instead, take your silk rug outside to hang in an open area to pat or you can shake gently for dust removal. If the unfortunate situation were to arise and it gets stained, take quick measures to prevent the stain from absorbing into the internal fibers, quickly use cool water and a cleaning solution and/or apply natural cleaning techniques to prevent permanent stains. 

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