Should you Buy a Rectangular Rug or an Oval Rug?

Oval Shaped Rug in a Living Room Setting

It’s a great debate, between buying a rectangular rug or square, or a unique and tiny oval shaped rug for your living space or office area. Each has its setting requirement and advantage. We’ll let you know where to and where not to use it; it all depends on the room theme and setting, the length and width of the furniture, the bedroom, foyer, bathroom, or an office. The applications are different for various rug shapes. To choose the best among the most feasible choices, you need to create a list of places where the rugs are meant to be kept. The shape and size matter the most when selecting a carpet for your living space or for a business place. 

Living Area Settings 

Rugs look great in living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and bathroom sometimes. A room features furniture and decorative items, beds, and paintings. Choose rugs accordingly, choose the best shape as per the room size and setting. If a room is larger enough, a rectangular rug is the best fit. To create a focal point in the room, choose a smaller oval-shaped carpet for beauty. Rectangular rugs are better off with corridors and hallways. 

Rectangle Rugs in a Storage Cellar

Rectangle Rugs in a Storage Cellar

Workspace Setting 

For offices and Studios, square rugs are the best pick. Workspace has chairs and tables, mostly square shaped and is less complex than the home setting. For offices, there’s always a rectangular or preferably squarer rug shape with dark tones and a bit of texture, solid colors work too in a workplace environment as they hide the frequent footstep marks made

Oval Rug in a Dining Room Setting

during the working hours. 


Bath mats are much smaller than the modern regular rugs, they are only used to prevent dust from entering the bathroom. The color doesn’t matter, any light or dark tone will do the job. 

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