Kashmiri Rugs aka “The Kashmir Rug”

Kashmir is famous for several arts and is one of the most preserved cultures of South Asia. A Kashmiri rug and carpet are the best of all its hidden jewels, the soul of a Kashmiri home. Kashmiri rugs are the trademark of local art, hospitality, and culture. The Rugs are symbols of Kashmiri traditions blended with Islamic culture. As popular as Kashmiri shawls, the carpets are popular throughout the sub-continent, USA, and all over Europe ranging from anywhere between $10 USD to hundreds of  thousands of dollars.

The light-toned pure wool and silk carpets are made entirely by hand and are also hand-knotted with standard to large-sized dimensions. 

Ancient Kashmiri Design

The Kashmiri weavers have a distinctive weaving skill, they use pure silk and wool or a combination of both to produce a priceless masterpiece. There are hundreds of household carpet weavers in the Kashmiri valley and hundreds more in its suburbs, the industry is booming as the demand has increased 10 times than it was just a decade ago. If you are looking for an economical Kashmiri rug, don’t get fooled by the copies for a lesser price. To verify an authentic Kashmiri rug, check its quality from the back and look for the details and knot density to identify any faults.

The life of a Kashmiri rug is more than 800 years, which means it’s an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Kashmiri Weavers

The uniquely artistic carpets of Kashmir are most sought-after in Europe followed by the USA. The design pattern and colors that are used have remained the same for centuries. The art traveled from the mighty Mughal to the valley and has formed an inimitable shape here, same as how Persian rugs are distinguished from other carpets worldwide.

The chinars and tree-of-life shapes with domes and bright color patterns were inspired and adapted from the lush green valleys and snowy mountains of Kashmir- the Heaven on Earth.

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