How Were Handmade Rugs Made 100 Years Ago vs Today?

Handmade Rugs have been around for over 3,500 years and they have decorated the palaces of kings, the caves of nomads, and the living rooms of modern-day humans.

As technology evolved and modernized, it has become very easy to make rugs in mass production and to sell them for very cheap to the public as well. That does not mean that the art of carpet-weaving has been lost: many people still practice it today and prefer buying handmade rugs instead of machine-made rugs.

Here is a basic comparison on how rugs were made hundreds of years ago versus today:

100 Years Ago

Handmade rugs still follow the age-old production process today than it did thousands of years ago. It is for this reason that it takes so much longer for a carpet to be handmade but the quality is definitely better than the other types of carpets. The weaver would sit with a loom and start threading the foundation with either wool, silk, or cotton. Knots would be made in order to end one row and start another. The patterns would be adorned with silk so that there is a textural change and a touch of shininess to the carpet. The entire process would be done by hand then sold at an auction or traded for other goods. 

Modern Day

Today we primarily rely on machinery to make our rugs for us. Those that make handwoven rugs also rely on technology and different tools in order to make the job easier and quicker. These types of carpets are cheaper because they are being mass-produced. Many say that the quality remains the same, but experts have noted that antique handwoven carpets last a lot longer than the carpets we are used to making today.

The skill has become so rare that it is considered an art form more than anything else. 

Hundred years ago technology was not available to weavers of carpets, but sometimes technology cannot beat honest hard work and expertise. 

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