How to Repair Torn Rugs:

There is nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing that your favorite rug has been torn. If it is not tended to it can leave the room looking shabby and it can cause even further damage to the rest of the rug. Luckily the rug repair process is very easy and you can do it at home! However, if you have an expensive or antique rug, it is best that you send it to the professionals so that they can patch it up with their expert skill-set.

Braided Rugs

These types of rugs are the easiest to repair. All you do is remove the strand of thread that has come loose and use a rounded upholstery needle to sew it back together. If a whole portion needs replacing, undo the rug up to that area and simply re-braid it until it is whole again. Recoil the rug and sew the coil back into place. 


For other types of rugs, sewing works best. Simply place the two torn parts together and sew it from the bottom using an upholstery needle. It is important to use strong thread as carpets have to retain their durability. Also be sure to find thread that matches the carpet. 

Glue the Area

If none of the fibers suffered any tearing, then you can glue the carpet together. Brush away any dust or pet hair before you do this otherwise it mind hinder the sticky component of the glue. Add glue to the sides and stick it back together. You can make this look as natural as possible by using a nail brush once the glue is dry. 

Whichever rug you have, be sure to act as soon as possible once you notice the tear. There is no need to throw it out with these easy repairing steps. 

Professional Carpet Repair Services in Orange County

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