How To: Remove Red Wine from Rugs & Carpets


Red wine holds anthocyanin that will cling to any fiber, especially to wool and silk fibers. Well, if you are one of the many who have already spilled it and just searched for how to remove it, you’ve landed in the right place! The main chemical used to remove red wine spills is Hydrogen Peroxide, still, it just can’t be spilled all over the carpet for cleaning.

Read instructions carefully before applying it on the rug! 

The first and foremost caution is to single out the damaged section of the rug, now ensure the stain is not spreading to other areas. Single out the scar and get to treating right away! The quicker you act on it, the lesser the damage can possibly endure. Now that the red wine stain is singled out and ready or treatment, keep a colorless white napkin to the side to remove the blot while spraying the Hydrogen Peroxide. Do not use colored cloth or napkins as they may react with the chemical and leave more stains instead!! Do NOT scrub the spilled wine, it may soak to the base of the rug and becomes irremovable forever! All you need to do is control the liquid with slow drops and apply cloth, do this repeatedly until the stain fades away or disappears. The trick is to spill a few drops on a white napkin and soak it to the affected area. This process is not intended to be quick! The slower and more precise action is favored over the quick and hasty.


NEVER use a bleaching chemical for cleaning a red wine spot on rugs, the bleaching agent only worsens the situation, sometimes even widening the spot radius and/or making two spots. If your carpet is colored, it may eradicate the original rug’s color permanently. Also, avoid using detergents meant for other purposes, it sticks to the carpet hairs and attracts dust from surrounding fibers which will end up looking even uglier than before; Even after the wine spot is possibly removed!

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