How to Effectively Remove a Wax Stain from Rugs or Carpets

Candles are the main culprit for Wax Stains

Always remember, wax stains aren’t permanent if you act quickly to remove it!

Out of the most difficult and recurring stains reported in the USA on carpets, wax stains are on the top 5 lists. There’s definitely a chance every rug or carpet gets a wax stain at least once in a lifetime or even more! So what should you do? Here are a few tips to remove the stain effectively without having to hire a professional spill removal business. The procedure is simple and completely D.I.Y., so no need to spend money on it and all is done at home quite effortlessly.

Below are the steps to remove and dry a wax stain:

  1. Make sure the spilled wax is hardened before treatment; if it still isn’t hard enough and you are too eager to act, take an ice cube and place it on the wax to make it hard to the touch.
  2. Once the wax is hard enough to scrape off, take a spoon or knife and gently remove the upper wax layer.
  3. Now, use your vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining wax fragments, if any are left.
  4. Time to remove the wax layer under the surface:
    1. First, heat an iron to the very lowest heat setting.
    2. Find a small cloth napkin, preferably white and plain.
    3. Now place the napkin on the surface of the effected area and gently press the iron against the wax stain.
    4. It will slowly heat the second wax layer and as it melts the wax will attach to the napkin placed above.
    5. For even better results, slowly move your iron around continuously until all of the wax absorbs into the napkin.
    6. Use a dry cloth napkin to dust off and clean the spot of all remnants.
  5. After performing the above steps and there is still wax fragments remaining on the rug or carpet:
    1. Soak a small amount of isopropyl alcohol onto a towel or napkin and delicately rub/pat the stained area.
    2. Now soak another paper towel with water and rinse the stain off.
    3. Take another cloth towel and place it over the stain
    4. Using a Hair Dryer, dry clean the cloth using medium hot air setting.
    5. If needed, leave it for several hours until the stain becomes dry and unnoticeable.

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