How Many People Does It Take To Create One Handmade Rug?

You might have sat on the couch, admiring the Persian carpet that decorates your house. You might have even been amazed at the intricacies that is present in the design, the fragile skill that it must take to weave such a unique pattern. Surely it must take more than one person to weave such a beautiful piece of art in such a precise manner? In actual fact, one carpet is made only by one person and months of hard work. 

The carpet weaver has no help in making their carpet during the process itself. There are other people in the field that do the work after the carpet has been woven, for example, someone else might dye the carpet, another person might price it, and another might take it to the auction or organize its export, but only one person sits and weaves. During the creating process, the fiber undergoes several processes that can take very long: the selection, carding, knotting, combing, and spinning, to mention only a few. The smallest Oriental rug that can be produced takes 5 months to complete and the biggest takes about 16 months to complete. 

The time taken to make the carpet is thus very taxing on the weaver. A skilled weaver can created 12 knots per minute. Rugs with more color will obviously take longer to weave because different materials have to be used as well as different dyes. Following a complex pattern also requires a lot of hours. If a weaver works about 6-7 hours a day, which is about the same amount of hours the average person in the work force works, then a carpet will be completed in 14 months!

Even though the weaver gets assistance post-creation, it is still an incredibly taxing job for just one person. Imagine weaving carpets for a living!

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