How Can a Handmade Rug Impact Interior Design?

When people think of interior design they usually start thinking about the walls and what color it should be painted. Then they move on to the furniture and decide which pieces would accentuate the room best. Very often people don’t take into consideration the role of the floors and the carpets. They are also part of the décor and play integral parts in creating the best look for the home. Whilst it is difficult to redo the floors when you are renovating, it is fairly easy to make use of carpets. Here are a few ways in which interior design and rugs play significant roles in decorating a room. 

Visual pathways

Think of your hallway at home. Is it a very exciting look? Probably not. Most hallways look dead and empty because it is not really a room. This is the mistake a lot of people make. They make possible the transition from one room to the next and its décor must flow with the rest of the house. Carpets are a great way to help with the ambience in a hallway. Choose the right carpet in order to attract attention to the hallway as well as its surrounding rooms. 

Create areas in open plan spaces

Many modern developments are now being built with open plan kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. Whilst this is a trend that many young homeowners are chasing, it does become difficult to create separate styles for each part of the room. A carpet is a great way to create an enclosed area where you can let one style become dominant. Anchor your furniture by placing it on the carpet so that it does not get lost in the vast open room. 

Lighten up dark spaces

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about a dark space in your house where very little natural light comes in. A lighter carpet will, of course, break a bit of the dark and brighten it up. It prevents the shadows that are being formed from creating a flat and boring look. It also helps to lift the darker design scheme. 

There is a significant connection between rugs and interior design; one can absolutely not function properly without the other. 

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