The Top Ways to Design Around an Ugly Carpet or Rug:

No carpet or rug is not always better than an unappealing carpet or rug which is probably why you have a rug in your house that you can’t stand. Many people might tell you that the solution is simple: throw it out and buy a new one, but you might not be in the right financial place to afford a new carpet. You might not even have time to do proper carpet shopping. Fear not! Here are a few ways in which you can design the room around a less than attractive carpet. 

Cover it up

There might be a horrible stain looking at you with its stained eyes and you just can’t seem to get it out. Until you find a permanent solution, just cover it up. You can put a table’s leg on top of it or you can move the leg of your sofa so that it subtly hides the carpet. A great way to do this is to rotate the carpet until it is in a better position to be covered up by another piece of furniture. No one will even notice what you did and you have peace of mind. 

Change the color of your walls

If you have a carpet that covers your entire floor, it might be difficult and expensive to remove. That does not mean that you have to enjoy it until the day you move out. Carpets are all about color and which shades work for you. You will find that if you change the color of your walls, the carpet won’t look so terrible after all. In fact, you might just come to like it. You can consider brightening your walls to give the carpet and the room some fresh light. 

Use an accent wall

Accent walls are great in any home, but for homes with carpeted flooring it can be amazing. If you find that your carpets are a bit boring or bland, you can simply change one of your walls into an accent wall. If you paint it a bold color or decorate it with a bright pattern, your room will change right in front of your eyes. And the best part? No one will even notice the carpet because they will be too engrossed by you cool new accent wall. 

Don’t worry about your carpet woes! Simply use these few tricks to overcome them. 

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