What Makes Hand Made Rugs So Special?:

Hand-made rugs are known to be more precious than machine-made rugs because they aren’t mass produced. Each rug is woven individually and with care, and the designs are never exactly the same. This also means that hand-made rugs are more expensive than machine-made rugs because it involves the time and skillset of multiple weavers. Each unique twist and turn gives the rug its own special personality. 

Rugs that are woven by hand is an art that has been in formation for thousands of years. During its origin years, it was seen as a luxury and even today it is held at a higher standard than any other hand-made art piece. The techniques that are used cannot be replicated by any other human being in the exact same way and much less by a machine. The care it takes to weave a rug by hand delivers a durable end result. 

Hand-made rugs are seldom used for wiping feet at the front door. Consumers understand the work that has been put into it and they learn to appreciate it. Some weavers have even started weaving in such a manner than the pattern deliberately stands out so that buyers have no choice but to display it as part of their décor on their home. Kilims, flat-weaves, Moroccan, and Scandinavian rugs are all examples of rugs that often have beautiful geometric patterns on. 

The rug you choose should complement your home, but in the end it should also be a rug that brings you absolute joy. 

Our 100% Handmade Rug Shop Located in Corona Del Mar

Rug Resources offers professional 100% Handmade Rugs for individuals and businesses in all areas across Orange County. The first point of notice when anyone enters your home, offices or stores are the floors or rugs. At Rug Resources, we strive to provide the best possible and affordable handmade rugs in all of Orange County.

For more inquiries about our services, visit our website (www.rugresources.com) or schedule a phone call with us at (949 673 1693). A fantastic experience awaits you!

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