Choosing The Right Rug Size:


Many people have the misconception that buying a rug is simply walking to a store or visiting an online shop and walking out with the perfect rug. That is not the case at all! It takes some preparation and time before you can set off on your grand adventure to find the rug of your dreams. An important aspect that should be kept in mind is the size of the rug. This will make or break your room décor. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a rug size. 

Big and Bold

A small rug might look quaint and easy to transport home in your car, but is it really the best option for you? It has been tried and tested that bigger rugs make all the difference in rooms. Those few inches will definitely make all the difference once you have placed it on the floor and put your furniture on top of it. It might cost you a bit more than the smaller rug, but can you really put a price on the beauty of your home?

Look at Your Room with Clear Eyes

You might have the perfect rug in mind, but will it match the room and its purpose? You need to take cues from the room and see what it needs. The rug should be proportional to the space which means the larger the room, the larger the rug can be. The rug should also echo the room’s dimensions. If you have a long, rectangular-shaped room, it would be better to orient your carpet lengthwise. 

Keep the Final Look in Mind

Before you rush out to buy the rug, test the size and the dimensions first. An easy way to do this is to use painter’s tape and draw the layout of the carpet on the spot where it will be. You can easily see if it will be right fit before you buy it. Alternatively, if you know someone with a similar-sized rug, you can ask them if you can borrow it and place it where your rug will be. This will definitely save you time and money. 

Keeping these tips in mind, you should have a worry-free and exciting rug shopping experience!

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