What are Distressed and Over-dyed Rugs?:

Looking for a bit more flare and color than traditional rugs can provide? Distressed and overdyed rugs may be just the answer you are looking for.

Over the last ten years in Newport Beach we at Rug Resources have noticed an ever increasing demand for distressed and overdyed rugs. Many customers walk in knowing the details of what they want, just without knowing the categorical name for the style. So we’ve taken to the internet again to be your Rug Resource in learning what exactly these “distressed and overdyed rugs” are.

These unique rugs are created by taking older rugs and giving them a make-over. Focus is spent preserving the beautiful designs and patters of the original piece, but enhancing its color and style.  Like modern paintings, these rugs can illicit emotions and can make a statement in any room.

This method of revamping older rugs grew out of Turkey and has been continually growing in popularity throughout the world over the last few years.  Besides stylish, buying distressed and overdyed rugs promotes sustainability and recycling.

This process of distressing and overdyeing the rugs requires and artists eye. Careful attention is spent on shearing and distressing the rug to achieve the desired aged look. The distressing is done in a particular pattern in order to contrast aesthetically pleasing with the existing pattern already present on the rug. Color is then removed from the rug by putting the rug out into the sun and allowing the remaining dye to bleach. Additional colors are then chosen and used to dye the rug multiple times until the right balance is achieved. The final colors are set once the rug is finally laundered.


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