Area Rugs: What To know Before You Buy

Moving into a new space or just looking to add that perfect touch of interior design?

Area rugs are one of the easiest ways to add a little personality to a space. Here is what you need to know before buying your next area rug:

So you’re convinced an area rug is the right move in your next interior designing project, but all those years of school didn’t prepare you for buying the perfect area rug. Well, you’re in the right place because we’re here to be your rug resource.

The Right Style

Area rugs come in a huge selection of different styles. In the traditional sense, rugs typically are thought to have two developmental sources of origin: Asia and Western Europe.

Asian or oriental rugs come in a diverse range of styles, patterns, and colors. These rugs come from groups found in China, central Asia, the middle east, Turkey, north Africa, and India. Also, in each of these regions there are many different groups and tribes that have slight variations from each other. Asian rugs are characterized by a rectangular shape and a pattern consisting of a border and a field. Some of the worlds most expensive items are oriental rugs.

Western European rugs are said to have derived from Spain. European weavers were heavily influenced by rugs created in Asia. European area rugs are thought to be more progressive and are characterized by their floral designs. Think French nobility when you think of a traditional Western European rug design.

There are also modern designed area rugs that focus more on deep colors that are meant to illicit an emotional response. These contemporary rugs are often used as focus pieces for a room.

There are so many different styles and variations that listing them all would turn this blog post into a PhD dissertation. So take some time and browse (HERE) to find a style that speaks to you.

kilim blue

Where Is It Going

Area rugs come in just about any size you can think of. The main question is, where is the rug going. Is it going underneath the bed, or maybe a rug on each side of the bed? Is it going in front of the door where it will be walked on regularly? In the living room as a focus piece? Too large of a rug can overpower a room. Too small of a rug can make it unnoticeable. You have to take into account the other designs and patterns found in the room in order to allow the rug to pleasantly accent them.

Drafting up a picture of the room and writing out the dimensions of the room and the proposed rug is a great trick in designing your next room. Make sure to draw out each large piece of furniture in the room. Furniture style and colors can have a large affect on how well a rug works in a room. Also, keep in mind that rugs placed somewhere well traveled should be low-pile rugs and you should stay away from solid dark colors because stains will easily show. For a feature piece in the living room you may need a high enough thread count to get the intricate design you’re looking for.

The Right Price

 Price is usually the main deciding factor in your next area rug purchase. There are rugs from the time of the Renaissance that fetch more cash than a Michelangelo painting and also machine made area rugs that are less than $100. Keep in mind that in many cases, price is directly related to quality. The more money you spend, the finer the material, the more knots, the more representative of a certain style of weaving will be displayed in the rug. Your next rug purchase should be an investment into something that lasts, so we recommend purchasing an area rug for at least a few hundred dollars. After all, you took the time to find something that you really like, might as well have it last.

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