A Day In The Life Of A Rug Weaver:

You wake up in the morning, make the bed, get dressed, and eat your breakfast before you go to work.

You don’t even think about it really, it has just become part of your routine. This is probably the reason why you have never thought of the hands that spun the handmade carpet you have at home. Their lives are not that different from ours yet it is worlds apart.

A lot of sweat and hard work go into one single carpet so let’s look at the typical day of a rug weaver. 

Rug making is such a diverse field to work in and every tribe has their own different way of making their rugs. The day starts pretty early for the rug maker, especially if they have a family to tend to. Once household chores are done, then they can get started on their carpet weaving. The rug-making process can happen anywhere and at any time, as long as the loom has been set up accordingly. It could take over a year to complete one such rug, especially if the patterns are not geometric but curved. 

The carpet is started on a wooden loom where a ‘warp’ is involved which are vertical strands of silk, cotton, or wool, and ‘wefts’ which is strands of material woven horizontally over and under the warp. Rows of knots are tied between wefts. The higher the amount of knots of the weft, the finer it is and more intricate the pattern is. A Persian silk rug usually consists out of 1000 knots. The weaver will then sit for the next few months, carefully weaving the rug. They will then use dye (usually natural dye) to add color to the carpet before it is sold at an auction. An intricately woven carpet can get about $10,000 at an auction. 

Once the carpet is sold the process starts all over again. These weavers have perfected the art and the process so that they can work as fast as possible in order to make more profit. 

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