5 Rug Cleaning Tips for Removing Dust and Stains

Things may get messy sometimes; especially if there are kids in the house, there’s ten times more chance that your expensive rug will get a stain or dust at least. Even if there are no kids in the house, you still couldn’t rule out the chance of getting it stained by yourself. Spills and stains are inevitable, if you have a floor covering in the room, you must learn how to react quickly to stains before it absorbs into the fibers.

Here are Five valued tips and tricks on how to remove spills and stains from any rug or carpet without damaging it.

  • The first rule is to quickly react to it. Grab your stain cleaning solution and cold water bucket and get to work! Never use warm or hot water along with the cleaner as it may damage the fiber and results in bleaching your rug instantly. 
  • Always use a small amount of water along with the cleaning solution. The more liquid you pour onto it, it is likely to spread to a larger diameter only making it more laborious to dry and clean when the stain is removed. 
  • Do NOT rub the solution at all, it may do irreparable damage to the fiber, decreases fiber density, and softness. Instead, use a smaller garment brush for rugs and brush softly with the grain to remove a stain. Use a soft/medium toothbrush if you do not have a garment brush available. 
  • When the stain(s) are removed, use a hair dryer to dehydrate the stained area. Never expose it to the sun as it may bleach the whole rug. 
  • DIY Cleaning Solution! Some of the best cleaning solutions can be prepared using household products to safely clean your rugs: Vinegar is the best solution to remove stains when mixed with the same amount of water, or mix a small amount of Ammonia with cold water to remove any stain from rugs.    

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