What Are Bamboo Silk Rugs?

What are bamboo silk rugs and how is it different than traditional silk?

Bamboo silk, also known as “bamboo viscose,” is created from bamboo cellulose. The woody parts of the bamboo plant are crushed and natural enzymes are added to create a mushy paste. This paste is then is then dried out so it can be combed out and spun into yarn. This bamboo “silk” is then used to create bamboo silk rugs.


The process of making bamboo silk is very similar to creating traditional silk. Silk worms secrete a sticky protein from their salivary glands that is collected, dried, and combed so that it can be spun into yarn. However, harvesting silk from silk worms actually kills the worm and requires much more labor. Bamboo is a resilient and renewable resource that can easily be grown to meet our bamboo silk needs.

Bamboo silk is also more durable than traditional silk. This is because bamboo fibers are more resilient than traditional silk but still provide a very similar look and feel. Because of this, bamboo silk can be placed in higher traffic area than traditional silk.

We recommend that bamboo silk be used in walkways, hallways, and entrances of your home. You should also avoid putting heavy furniture and other solid wood furnishings onto traditional silk rugs. Too much pressure on the traditional silk fibers can actually compress and distort the silk designs beyond the possibility of repair.


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