Rug Resources is an attribute of historic 
trails; a tale of life without any boundaries. 

Our philosophy: offering art-level
antique and modern rugs, buying good 
quality handmade oriental rugs directly from
the source, and offering them at lowest price.
This has resulted in a long list of loyal 

Our niche: has always been a challenging,
yet incredibly exciting one - offering only the
finest in authentic, art-level modern and 
antique rugs.

Our desire: to provide our clients with rugs 
that will have a magical effect on their home environments and will bring deep satisfaction 
on a daily basis. These are solid art 
investments that often become cherished 
family treasures.

Our staff: highly professional and vastly 
experienced. They will make your experience of working with us virtually effortless when you visit our show-room in Corona Del Mar, California.

If you have any questions, please call us at toll-free 1-888-504-3335